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We are beginning to add sheets that can be downloaded for you to keep.
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Dogs in cars in hot weather.

This information came via my vets on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing.....

As the weather warms up please remember dogs can DIE in hot cars.
If the outside temperature is 22' in the car it can soar to 47' in less than 60 minutes.
Leaving windows open isn't enough as the temperature is still hot and can cause serious heat stroke


Keeping your dogs cool in the hot weather
Try freezing dog treats into a block of ice - keeps your dog cool and interested

Just a reminder that with EASTER just around the corner........


Chocolate contains theobromine, which humans can easily metabolise. Dogs on the other hand, process it slowly and find it hard to break down allowing it to build up to toxic levels which can result in death if untreated.

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Dogs at Easter sheet


Quick reference for Dog safe fruits.....
thanks to Whitehaven Vet Centre for this...


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Keeping your dogs attention!!

When training your dog especially your puppy we talk about using ' high rewards' treats. This is a really yummy treat to help keep your dog focused - a real treat for him  - not just his usual biscuits.

 A way to a dogs heart is ' through his stomach'. Arm yourself with some scent busting treats to keep his attention at club and out in the park.

 - small pieces of cooked sausage / hot dog sausages / garlic sausage from the Deli counter

 - cheese

 - small pieces of ham

 - or LIVER CAKE  /  TUNA CAKE - Pam's recipe below...


Tuna Recipe CLICK HERE to download file

Pam's Recipe for Tuna cake
1 tin of tuna drained
1 cup flour
2 eggs
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
 crushed garlic or garlic puree
*Mix these well together in a bowl
* Spread evenly on a greased baking tray
*Bake in oven   160c for about  15 - 20 mins - until firm
When cooked and cooled chop into small pieces and freeze until needed. Defrost the day before it is needed.
You can replace tuna with liver and blend ingredients in a blender.  Try using SR flour for a bread texture or plain for a more solid texture.



Keeping your pet safe at Christmas

Keeping your pet safe at Christmas