Lune Valley Dog Training Club
Lune Valley Dog Training Club
Our classes will be  held at
United Reform Church Hall
High Street
On   Wednesday evening
Our Aim is to help you have a dog which is socialable with other dogs and people. For dogs that may be nervous /aggressive the class conditions may not always be the best environment for your dog to learn. If you are unsure please get in contact to discuss your dogs needs and come and visit our class and chat.
Prices :- as of Feb 2015

New members joining the PUPPY Class the cost is 25 
this includes 5  Annual Club subs and the 6 lessons in the puppy course

 New Members joining the OTHER classes the cost is 20
- this includes 5 Annual Club subs and 5 lessons

After this it is 3 per class 
 If members wish to work TWO dogs it will be an extra 1

Please note - new puppies need to be fully vaccinated please bring your vaccination card with you when you register.
It would be useful to bring a toy and some treats to help with training.
We have new floor covering and are asking people to please wear sensible flat shoes as not to damage it...Thank you.


 We are beginning new puppy training classes. Each set of 6 lessons will be with the same trainer (whenever possible) and limited in numbers so you and your pup can get the best out of the class.

The dates for starting  the classes will be staggered so a set of lessons will soon be available for you to begin.

Don't think you have to wait until the start date to register - phone one of our contacts or pop in with your pup and register and then chat with a trainer about what you can be doing before the next classes start.

Class Times

Start Time
Finish Time

Puppy Class A

6:30 pm
Puppy Class B
7:00 pm

7:30 pm


7:30 pm

8:10 pm

Triers/Rally O

8:10 pm

8:50 pm

Competition Class



Puppy Class
  •  a class where your pup can meet others and begin the basic commands
  • for pups up to 6 months


  • a class where the  basics are continued
  • for pups up to 12months old


  • where owner and dog works towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards